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Are your feet aching? Have you got troubles walking or playing sport? Healthy pain free feet and legs help mobility and make regular activity and exercise something to enjoy – rather than endure.

Everybody knows that healthy feet support a healthy lifestyle. Whether you are shopping, playing with children, running a marathon or enjoying a leisurely walk, activity helps to:

    • improve muscle and bone strength
    • stimulate circulation
    • maintain a healthy heart
    • reduce depression
    • control weight
    • influence healthy eating habits
    • improve overall fitness and energy levels​

The Bassendean and West Perth podiatry clinics deliver high quality podiatric services to patients of all ages. I diagnose, treat and help with prevention of foot and lower limb complaints. I also custom make and modify orthotics. My aim is to always provide individual specialist treatment to all my patients so they can walk, run and play without pain.

I have extensive skills and training to diagnose, treat and prevent all podiatric complaints. My knowledge of human anatomy and understanding of the mechanics of the foot and lower limbs extends my scope of services from not only feet but also to lower limb complaints.

Patients seek out podiatry services for many reasons, some of which include various types of foot pain, diabetes, aches in legs during or after physical activity, chronic knee problems, back pain, corns and in-grown toe nails, analysis of walking or running mechanics.

The two podiatric clinics are convenient located so if you work or live in Perth CBD, West Perth, Claremont, Subiaco, Nedlands or in Bassendean, Morley, Guilford and surrounding areas. I welcome rural and country patients from all areas of Wester Australia.

I will work alongside your General Practitioner and you will have the opportunity to consult with other specialists in the clinics. Our multidisciplinary team always collaborate to ensure best possible health outcomes for you.

I have a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of sports/activity related injuries. I am active individual involved in sport and training. Through my own experiences I can empathise and understand the psychology of an athletic/active person who is suffering pain and unable to train and compete at their full capacity.

Don’t put up with achy, sore feet and make an appointment today.

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